Sassoon & Associates is a business consulting firm offering services to help improve your company's effectiveness.


* We create processes and procedures to effectively manage your resources and achieve your company's goals.

* We understand current and future needs offering a methodology which can be scaled for larger or smaller projects resulting in consistent high standard output.
* We improve systems to help your team members plan, execute and control projects.

“Macro impact through micro improvements.”

Often companies are not aware of the large impact created by small inefficiencies. We focus on micro improvements, small changes that deliver a huge return in effectiveness, workplace efficiency, employee satisfaction and profitability.

We provide:

* Effective processes

* Scaleable methodology

* Consistently high standards

* and much more...

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It is with great pleasure that I recommend Sassoon & Associates. I found their services to be exceptional. Rosalind Sassoon was able to easily immerse herself in the day-to-day operations of the various programs. Her attention to detail was impeccable and she was able to work closely with key personnel in order to glean the necessary information for our management guides.

The final product was of the highest quality and everyone who has used the manuals have commented on their straightforward, easy to follow text.

It is rare today that that one can find an organization that is so committed to such high quality, and who is dedicated to the very best customer service. I would also like to comment on how impressed I was with Ms. Sassoon's ability to familiarize herself so quickly with an unfamiliar business.

I plan to use Sassoon & Associates again, whenever the need arises.

Victoria George
Executive Director

To discuss how we can work together, contact us today. The initial consultation is free.

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Macro impact through micro improvements

“The fluttering of a butterfly’s wings can effect climate changes on the other side of the planet”
-Paul Erlich